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2008-09-05 05:23:19 by EvieFace

Exactly what age do you guys develop real balls and mature?



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2008-09-05 06:36:29

Dear lord you're hot.


2008-09-05 08:15:40

Oh titties!


2008-09-05 08:43:28

I'm too vile and spiteful to ACT mature, but my balls dropped when I was 11.

My dick is nice and fat, too, though a bit hairy. It's also a real fucking dick, not that circumsized shit!

I could describe it in detail, since it's a fairly exotic deal on the east coast apparently, but that would be a big waste of time since I don't deal with potheads, know what I'm sayin'?

EvieFace responds:

yeah bro, i think i'm catching what you're throwing.


2008-09-05 10:28:47

we have balls its just that we could care less on how we act


2008-09-05 14:58:53

physically: when i was 11
mentally: when i was 14.

and... nice picture...
drugs are fine by me.


2008-09-05 17:25:28

About the same time you stop being a attention whore.

EvieFace responds:

says the guy who goes to my profile to comment me....


2008-09-05 19:16:20

They develop at the age when you send me a private message of your tits...sweet tits.


2008-09-05 22:31:29

My balls developed at a young age, can't remember when, by define mature? Hardly anyone is mature up until the middle aged point, even then its hard to tell.


2008-09-06 16:27:55

What age do girls develop full tits because you haven't reach it yet.

EvieFace responds:

I have small boobs :).
But thanks for proving your ignorance! Come back any time!


2008-09-06 18:01:06

uh? I only have four words for you...

right, potpourri, them, and


2008-09-06 20:41:45

Most guys take a while to get to a mature state, some never reach it, and even then they still might lack the qualities to fit into the world. People just do not know how to look at the other side of the coin, or think before they do. Others, like myself (or so I think) do a pretty good job of being mature.

Cheers :)

Btw nice necklass haha ;D pokemon XD

EvieFace responds:

haha yeah, my name is evie. guess it stuck.
i don't know. i'm only 19 so guys my age are pretty braindead. it's annoying, it really is. no one just seems intelligent anymore and the maturity levels are just disgraceful.


2008-09-07 17:54:03

Balls: Too late, Mature: Never.


2008-09-07 19:13:15

Trick question, the answer is unknown.


2008-10-05 02:23:02

When I was about two an a half. ;]

EvieFace responds:



2008-10-21 00:18:52

Damn your SEXY!! :)

EvieFace responds:

this comment is almost a year old :)