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Miss You, Newgrounds

2009-10-09 15:54:58 by EvieFace

Haven't been active on Newgrounds lately. Figured I'd make a post while I was browsing the website.
Hmm let's see. It's almost November again, so I haven't made a post in almost a year. Not 21 yet, but one more year!

I'm awesome at Gears of War still, and I invite any and everyone one to challenge me to a shotgun battle. I will remain victorious. I had a boyfriend, we broke up cause he sucks. I don't know why I hate being in a relationship. Or why I love margaritas so much.

The Phillies are in the Playoffs! I stopped using myspace. I'm obsessed with Facebook. And I got my license suspended! Yay!

Pointless post, just wanted to say hi to myself.
So, hi myself.

Miss You, Newgrounds


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